Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So by boss tells me... " more"

So this semester is pretty hectic.
I cut my hours at the restaurant down and I still am having a hard time finding time to do everything.  With school restaurant work and internship work I want to make a weekly schedule that tells me what to do EVERYDAY! I think this will help me keep up with my school work and internship work, and maybe throw working out in there.

I am slowly becoming a software engineer.  Still noobish in a lot of ways, but working at this internship is teaching me a lot of things about working in the industry.  I just so happened to go in on a day when requirement documentations (I think that's what they are called, the prequil to design docs) were being presented for our project.  That was an interesting meeting for me, seeing the input from a potential customer being transformed into upgrades that can be done with a specific type of software. One thing that I think makes me a major noob is that I am STILL configuring my mac for work.  It works for the most part but we have a new system which just threw me off. Configuring your system with path variables and what not is something I really need to learn.

Till next time...