Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October Events

1) Lacy Veach day

Lacy Veach day was a very interesting and different event for me. I have never really actually tried to teach someone the basics of programming. Of course I have helped my fellow classmates with some of their programming problems, but teaching someone that does not know anything about programming is completely different. Some of the kids were more interested in just making things move, while others actually took to the concepts of general programming structure. Then we had the "l33t" kids that made games. I actually found myself getting a little flustered by the kids that just wanted to fool around and not actually learn programming (even though that is not the right attitude). I am hoping for a new generation that appreciates programming and will enjoy it as much as I do.

2) Career fair at UHM

Again the career fair this year was different for me. I actually shared with my classmates the experience that I had interning for my company. Also having interned for the summer I learned many things about working in the industry that I think was very good to share with my fellow classmates. I wish to learn more about working in the industry which will help progress my professionalism.

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austen.ito said...

I think "fooling around" is a key piece to learning programming.