Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back from Vacation

So I went on vacation. Took a break from school work, and work.

It was a good break from everything, I think I really needed that vacation cause I just might be over working myself. The three hour time difference is small but I can actually notice that I am more tired than normal. Catching up on school work and work work is rough with having to work at the restaurant. Cooking at the restaurant after a two week break is kind of rough as well, having to get used to being in a cloud of smoke just sucks.

Back to the same old routine now.

Another thing I noticed is that a lot of the fixes I had done prior to my vacation were not correctly done. I need to start looking into the correct ways to implement my code. I should already know these things but I am still missing them. Taking more care when doing my work might take a little more time but will help me in becoming a valuable asset to any company that I may work for. Plan to read more technical books to learn how to program better. Just have to find free time to do things such as read.

Back to my endless nightmare known as life.

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jalna said...

Welcome back Jason. Taking the time to do a good job is a very valuable trait. Patience, grasshopper.