Thursday, November 5, 2009

My broken headphones

So my headphones broke after a few months of using them. These headphoenes are the V-moda Vibe duo
After doing some research about getting another pair I came along this review. Keep in mind that my headphones also broke on the right side.

When My first set of Vibe Duos stopped working, I was unhappy. The sound simply stopped coming out of the right ear.

I realized it was because the "high quality" fabric-covered cable was fraying internally right where the cord connects to the jack that plugs into the phone. when I jiggled it, I could get intermittent sound.

So I returned them to V-Moda and got a free replacement set. After all, they sounded great.

But the second pair broke in EXACTLY the same fashion within 3 months.

So I had them replaced again, free of charge under warranty.

Guess what happened.

That's right, third pair broke in identical fashion, perhaps 3.5 months this time.

So I got a FOURTH replacement pair and sold them on Ebay.

Never Again, I promised myself.

So there we go, as stated in the blog "Never Again"